Oral LD 50 (median lethal dose) based on formulated pesticides for selected compounds.
The higher the LD50, the LEAST toxic the compound is to mammals / people.

Brand Name Active Ingredient Oral LD 50 Class
Malathion Malathion 2800 Organophosphate
Termidor SC Fipronil 2000 Phenyl Pyrazole
Diazinon 4E Diazinon 1553 Organophosphate
Pyrenone Pyrethrum 1500 Natural
Sevin Carbaryl 850 Carbamate
Bayer Aspirin 750 Natural
Morton Salt 400 Natural Organic
Dursban Chlorpyrifos 380 Organophosphate
Ficam Bendiocarb 250 Carbamate
Rotenone Rotenone 132 Natural
Baygon Propoxur 75 Carbamate
Black Leaf 40 Nicotine 55 Natural
DDVP Dichlorvos 50 Organophosphate

Please note on this "Oral LD 50" sheet, that common household chemicals are more
toxic to mammals /people than the pest control industries commonly used pesticides.

Also, professional applicators no longer use organophosphate or carbonates.

All pest management companies that apply pesticide must by law provide pesticide warning / information to clients.
Click here to view the "Pesticide Notification" which E.V.P.E. provides to it's customers.

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