Stainless steel staples and fasteners, galvanized fasteners and wire mesh stainless steel bird spikes,
interwoven polypropylene, knotless nettting which is 70% stronger than traditional knotted nets.

We won't use any material on the exterior of your home that will rust.

Our trucks are outfitted so we can perform the work right after you give us the go-ahead.


We seal openings to prevent new infestation and work to eliminate any existing population using tamper resistant bait boxes, rat and mouse snap traps or non-toxic glue boards.


We seal holes, light wells, rooflines and window ledges against all birds which are not on the protected list of birds.
Pigeons are the most common type of bird to be excluded.

We only use the best quality exclusion material such as stainless steel bird spikes, UV resistant net or electric track. Installation of bird exclusion (or rodent exclusion) involves various ladder heights from 4' to 32'. In some cases, boom type lifts or scissors may also be used (see photo).



We use only those insecticides and baits approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.). Each insectide and bait has been given a registration number by the E.P.A. If you need specific information about a chemical that we use, material safety data sheets are available upon request.

Sanitation is extremely important as a deterrent against general pest infestations. For example, cockroaches are attracted to moisture, food debris and grease, etc. By simply changing your sanitation practices you can almost eliminate the infestation without chemicals by removing moisture and food debris. Professional cockroach baits are prefered over using insecticides since baits actually attract the roach. Baits are also a crack and crevice treatment and are applied in small quantities.

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