If pesticides, traps, glue boards or any other rodent management device is used, the company, corporation and/or
pest management professional must be licensed with the State Pest Control Board
(www.pestboard.ca.gov) in Sacramento, California. Liability insurance and bond are also required.

A general contractors license cannot be substituted for a pest control operators
license or a pest control field representative license.

There is a provision in the State Pest Control Act for unlicensed homeowners and
renters, which allows them to perform this type of work at their residence only.

To check license, insurance or bond information, or any violations or complaints log on to
www.pestboard.ca.gov.or call (916) 561-8708 or (800) 737-8188, fax (916) 263-2469.

Above information was taken from the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, Structural
Pest Control Act issued by the Structural Pest Control Board 1998 edition - page 90-91, section 8555.

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